EDOCCO STUDIO offers many programs and events can experience the Japanese culture, from traditional culture to subculture.

Geisha and Hokan Show
“The Beauty of Edo”

The dance performance and comedy show by the real Japanese Geisha and Hokan from Rokkagai with seasonal Japanese lunch. 


Enjoy Japanese traditional dance show with green tea and sweets at EDOCCO-Chaya. We also offers series of workshops such as Shodo (Japanese calligraphy), Origami and Kimono cospray.


The Japanese traditional magic show presented by Shintaro Fujiyama, the master of magician.

Wagokoro academy
“Edo-Tokyo Culture Course”

The series of lectures that unravel the history and culture of “Edo” from various angles, co-sponsored by the Hosei University Edo-Tokyo Research Center.

Edo Marionnette Theatre

The one and only Japanese Edo marionnette theater, which has a history of 380 years. Do not miss it!


The traditional Japanese music concert presented by Tsurujuro Fukuhara who is a famous Japanese drum player in Kabuki.

Yuki Tokiwa Solo Live
“Yuki Tokiwa EDOCCO Style”

A singer song-writer/Yuki Tokiwa’s solo concert. You gonna like his sweet and sexy voice singing ballade in acoustic arrange.

Entertainment show restaurant

The entertainment show restaurant in Kanda shrine EDOCCO STUDIO. Please enjoy dinner with the dramatic action comedy show.

Experience of Japanese Spirits

You can experience Japanese style worship at Kanda shrine. After the worship, please enjoy the shrine maiden’s ceremonial dance show with court music.

Idol Live Concert

Idol Live Concert
IDOL Sankei 

Idol Live Concert

Kawaii Idol Fes