For those who have visited or would like to visit a Shinto shrine in Japan but cannot help wondering


What constitutes a Shinto shrine? 

How do we actually pray in a Shinto shrine?

What is that vermilion building over there?

How do we perform ritual purification? 

What is a day in the life of a Shinto priest like?


Here is a regular tour jointly organised by Kanda Myoujin and EDOCCO STUDIO for you to enjoy a comprehensive Shinto experience. 


Come to Kanda Myoujin to meet and chat with our friendly staff, and experience a formal worship in the main sanctuary! 

Date & Time


Start 9:00am〜End10:00am


3,000JPY(Tax included) 

<Tour options>*8:00am〜9:00am

  • Amborosialbreakfast 3,000JPY(Tax included)


<After tour options>*10:00〜

  • Kimono rental 4,000JPY〜(Tax included) 
  • Kimono photo tour 1,000JPY(Tax included) 


*¥500 off for choosing all the options

Inquiry TEL:03-6811-6675